Stiiiiiiickers and Stuff

The stickers are here! Sadly the Ghostface Chilla came out really dark, and hide the details on the robes. Because of this we have pulled them from the store. The other five stickers are available NOW! Since we are not selling them, we will include a Ghostface Chilla sticker with any orders (for a limited … Read more

You Have to Call Me Dragon…

All of our 2019 brew days have been added to our events calendar and beer pages. Click around the events for next year if you are curious what’s on the brew schedule. We have 27 brew days lined up to dial in our recipes!

Pull up the anchor cause we’re leaving dry land, get below deck with a beer in your hand! We are all bottled up for Call Me Dragon. This beer is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus! The point is, don’t lose your dinosaur and get some of this beer already. (NOTE: These will not be available until the evening on Thursday June 14th).

We tried a little taster of Pyramid Scheme before we add the key limes, and it is coming along great. We are excited to see how it turns out for our first attempt at a sour beer. Technically it is our second sour, but will still be done before our first finishes up. We have a yet to be named peach sour coming along as well.

The next brew day coming like a kick to the face. We are brewing a new batch of Shaolin Mosaic on Father’s Day. We already got the label fixed up into our new layout, and you can check it out on the beer page. Keep an eye on our social media, as we may be playing with some live feed things!

New sticker hype! Our shop now has six new stickers – Ro Sham Bo (2.36″ x 3.00″), Night Riddles (1.63″ x 3.00″), Ghostface Chilla (1.67″ x 3.00″), Pyramid Scheme (1.66″ x 3.00″), Applez N Sht (3.00″ x 2.66″), and Shaolin Monk (3.00″ x 2.29″). These are all die cut stickers made of a durable vinyl with a laminate (to protect your stickers from scratching, rain, and sunlight). These hold up well on water bottles, a beer fridge, on that random bar sticker wall, or anywhere else you can think to stick em. These aren’t available yet (sorry to tease, but they still in production). We just couldn’t wait to post about them. They should be available around 06/20/2018!

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Bottles, Brewing, and Doggos!

Beer group! Our Wheezin Teh Juice went into bottles over the weekend. They are getting great feedback already, so try and snag one before they’re gone bud-dy! Call Me Dragon is ready to get bottled. This is our first pale ale. It is also the first beer to get the new label layout. Let us … Read more

You Don’t Want to Miss These Beers!

We are bottling up a few beers here at the end of May slash start of June. First to go to bottling is Night Riddles. This beer is our first attempt at a tropical stout. We gave it the final taste test over the weekend, and it is nice and refreshing. This is a stout … Read more

New Stickers and Beers Bottled!

We’ve been working hard all around! We’ve added not one, not two.. but FIVE new stickers to the shop. You can now stick Applez N Sht, Lt. Dan, The Hop Healer, Swheat Punch, and Scissor Kick Sammy all over! Go and buy some already! Please note that the shop is being reformatted to make it … Read more

Artworks, Beer Updates, Words are Hard!

Quick little update to keep you all on your toes! The artwork for Night Riddles is completed! We are still finishing up the description text, label, and such. For now you can get a little teaser in the banner. This beer is our first attempt at a tropical stout. It is scheduled to be bottled … Read more

Such Brews, Much Noms!

We have some more brews bottled up and ready for the drinking. The second batch of Swheat Punch is ready for this nice Spring weather (well once the snow goes away). Our third batch of Applez N Sht came out great (and will disappear quickly). We also are going to bottle the second batch of … Read more

Brews Brewed, Bottling, and Brewing!

Get pumped people – we’ve got beers on beers! We finished up the artwork for Lieutenant Dan and Scissor Kick Sammy (check the banner or their beer pages). This is just in time too, because on Sunday we bottle up these two beers. There are some other beers in the pipeline as well. We just … Read more

Juicy Brews Columbus, Bottles, and Beers!

Our Zacca Sesh (that we brewed with Homestead Brew Co and Pies & Pints) will be featured at Homestead’s spot in Juicy Brews Columbus – Hazy IPA Fest! There are going to be a lot of great beers at this festival, and we are pumped ours is going to be included! In other brew news, … Read more