Brew Schedule, Going Legit, Beer Updates, and GDPR…

We are drafting up the 2019 brew schedule! Current plans are not to add any new beers next year, but instead lock down the ones we have (we will be at 25 different beers)! You’ll start to see the brew dates trickle into the events calendar and beer pages as we plan them out. With this you’ll also notice we’ve added some more styles to our beers.

We are jumping through all the hoops to finally becoming a legit brewery! We are getting everything in line so we can be ready to go once we have all the necessary funding. Currently this is estimated as late 2019 slash early 2020. There are lots of things we have to complete, plus lots of waiting time, so the true timeline is fuzzy for now. If you want things to move faster, then you can help support us by buying merchandise in our shop! It also helps us if you are active with likes, comments, and follows on all of our social media accounts. If you are really wanting things to move ultra fast, then stay tuned for when we post about investment opportunities in the coming months.

Beer updates! Night Riddles was all bottled up over the weekend. Get in contact with us if you are wanting to try this before it’s all gone. It’s our attempt at a tropical stout, so we’d love your feedback on how to make this even better in the future. Our tasty DIPA Wheezin Teh Juice is getting bottled up soon. This one is sure to disappear quickly! Call Me Dragon and Pyramid Scheme have their artwork done-ish, and now we are working on the labels! Part of the moving forward with going legit means our labels will start to evolve. We will be using our main font as the only font (to avoid all sorts of extra licensing costs). Eventually we will be adding in the various things required by the Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act and such.

Website clean up is in the works. We are going to change up the styles some of our beers. So some that were simply an IPA may now be labeled NEIPA. Not huge changes here! We’ve updated all future events in the calendar to include links to the beer pages to make it easier to see what is getting done and when.

Because of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) stuff we’ve made the privacy policy more public facing. You will now see a link right on the menu! This is pretty much basic information, or links to privacy policies of other plugins we use to manage the website. I’m sure you are all sick of the millions of emails talking about the GDPR changes by now.

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