Stiiiiiiickers and Stuff

The stickers are here! Sadly the Ghostface Chilla came out really dark, and hide the details on the robes. Because of this we have pulled them from the store. The other five stickers are available NOW! Since we are not selling them, we will include a Ghostface Chilla sticker with any orders (for a limited time as we have stock)!

The Shaolin Mosaic brew day was a hot one, but went well! Stay on top of our social media for bottle dates. Snag some monk stickers if you can’t wait!

Our next brew day is a big one! Midnight Lauter will be a Russian Imperial Stout with vanilla, coffee, and walnuts – and we are aiming for 12% ABV! We are trying out some new brewing techniques with this high-gravity beer. Since this is a special beer we are doing some things outside our normal look. The artwork will be a very different style, it will be in 500ml bottles, and wax dipped!… Now before we hype you up too much, please note this one will get very limited release. On top of being limited, this beer will take a long time until it’s ready – but we will be sure to tease you over the months with updates!

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