Juicy Brews Columbus, Bottles, and Beers!

Our Zacca Sesh (that we brewed with Homestead Brew Co and Pies & Pints) will be featured at Homestead’s spot in Juicy Brews Columbus – Hazy IPA Fest! There are going to be a lot of great beers at this festival, and we are pumped ours is going to be included!

In other brew news, we have bottled up our first brown ale – Ro Sham Bo. We still are not able to sell our beers yet, but if you get in contact with one of the crew we should be able to pass a bomber along.

This Sunday we are brewing a new batch of our hoppy wheat ale called Swheat Punch.

We have some other beers that are brewed, but are still coming along in fermentation. We have our first sour, but no name yet (note that will be close to a year before it is ready). We have our first cream ale called Lieutenant Dan coming along. We also have an Irish stout called Scissor Kick Sammy. So be on the look out for new posts once we have those artworks finished up, and more details on bottle dates!

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