Ro Sham Bo Art and GrogTag’s Staff Pick for Best Label!

We finished up the artwork for Ro Sham Bo! You can catch a glimpse on the left side of the banner for this post (or jump to its beer page). The beer is still doing its thing – but we will update more once it is ready for consumption. It’s our first attempt at a brown ale, but should be really tasty! (Mmmh maple syrup). We are currently planning on bottling in the middle of the month.

Our label for The Hop Healer snagged a spot in GrogTag’s Staff Picks for Best Beer Labels of 2017! We are really happy to receive even more recognition for this label (for those who don’t know – it also won honorable mention in the 2017 Homebrew Label Awards). I mean who doesn’t love the Brunicorn?!

It’s All About the Beernicorn

Steve’s label of choice is out of this universe… literally! Forget about the craze of unicorns, it’s all about the beernicorn now – “I realize that unicorns pooping rainbows is cliché at this point, but it still brought a genuine smile to my face to see a new spin on the day-old trend…. a beernicorn! And to know they are hunted for their magical healing powers by some elusive rainforest tribe made it all the more insane. This brewer has a series of beernicorn labels. I am very invested in the beernicorn world at this point, who else hunts them? What do they eat? Who is his father? How did the beer end up lodged in his forehead? What double-edged world saving, or damning sorcery does that bottle contain? I love labels and brands with a story if you couldn’t tell. Keep ‘em coming.” Wow, that’s a lot of questions, Steve, but one thing that we have no question about is how good this label is. Good choice!

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