All the Beers!

Well we haven’t been updating much on here (sorry), but there is so much to update on! We’ve switched some dates around on a few things, and you will find that on the beer pages and in our events.

Here’s a quick recap – as there have been A LOT of beers since the last time we posted. We have brewed up Klepto Kurrency, Lieutenant Dan (batch #3), Swheat Punch (batch #3), Tennial Sesh (batch #3), Applez N Sht (batch #5), and an experimental DIPA we haven’t even named yet. We have bottled up Fashion Shoots (batch #2), Sabrotage, Klepto Kurrency, Zacca Sesh (batch #4), Lieutenant Dan (batch #3), and Applez N Sht (batch #4), Applez N Sht (with chiles) (batch #2), and Tennial Sesh (batch #3). Our next brew day is Call Me Dragon (batch #3)… Now that’s a lot of beers!

Some of you may have heard some rumors going around.. Well we are working hard to try to get open this year slash early next year! We are in discussions for a potential location (no spoilers yet). We have to research into some legal pieces, work out exact details, and all that kind of stuff.. If everything lines up then there is a good chance we could open this year (but may creep into next year with all the wait times for various things we have to file)!

While we work through those details hop into our store for all that’s good! There are beanies, snifter glasses, hoodies, t-shirts, stickers, and koozies! Now why are you even reading this anymore, you should already be adding things to your cart!

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