It’s 2019… New Things!

We have a lot of new things happening in 2019 for Bru-Tang Brewing! We haven’t been pushing out a lot of updates due to our busy schedule, but you can watch our calendar evolve as we add events. Keep a close eye as we announce things, and new stuff will be popping up in the near future. New beers, new merch, all that new new!

We’ve added some new experimental recipes to our brew schedule. The Neomexicanus Series three beers utilize the same base DIPA recipe, but with different Neomexicanus hops highlighted in each beer. NeoNebula uses Medusa hops, Brain Police uses Zappa hops, and Sabrotage uses Sabro hops. We also have another experimental called Klepto Kurrency getting brewed up next weekend. Time to get juicy!

Store changes! We’ve added Brunicorn Stemless Snifter glasses and a limited amount of Brunicorn Zip Up Hoodies! All stickers are now repriced to be $2.00 each. We have to start charging taxes based on the buying location (boo taxes). Keep in mind that you can get free shipping with code “FREESHIP” on orders of $50 or more though! Or if you are in Findlay (or the surrounding area) save some money on shipping and use the local pick up option. Snag some Bru-Tang merch!

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