Oh Snap!

Sorry for us dropping off the map for a bit, but things just got really busy for everyone in the crew. We have put the opening of the brewery on pause for an unknown amount of time. With everyone’s schedules we just do not have the bandwidth to handle all the business side of things for now. Honestly the COVID-19 things would have killed us. There are some options we are working through the details on, but just unsure when things can unfold.. We are not going to stop brewing though!

We dropped the “Events” off the menu as this will be rather stale for now. It was already very out of date, and now it is empty for 2020 as we figure things out. This will make its way back once we are more stable. With going back to the “hobby” slash “brewery in planning” state this just doesn’t make sense to maintain for now.

Some beer things now that never made it to the webs! We had been dialing in all sorts of recipes and playing around with new ones. We did a collab with Baby Ducks called American Pie (cherry). We created a new experimental stout that we are calling “Unibrew” and it is super amaze-balls. Came in just around 11% ABV and goes down way too smoothly. Wild Pours was an experimental DIPA. Sax on the Peach and Wheezin Teh Juice both got bottled up (and drank up at this point). Midnight Lauter is still sitting in the tank, and came in at 12.0% – our biggest stout so far! I think I’ve missed some other updates here, but that’s a solid wrap up for the downtime.

Our next brew day is coming up soon. We will be preparing on July 11th, and brewing on July 18th! We are going to do a variant of Lieutenant Dan conditioned on lemon and raspberries. This went over great the last time we made it (whole batch consumed in a few hours). Looking forward to doing this beer again.

Our shop is still going for those that want to support us! The snifters have been a huge hit, and are sold out at this point (wow)! We have taken a significant loss on the free shipping with the increased costs to ship items, so we will be removing this for now (sorry). Plenty of shirts and stickers available though!

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