Eight Beers Coming Soon and Brew Day Details!

We have so many beers in the works (currently have eight beers waiting.. eight)! Because of this we have to push out our next brew day, which was Midday Lauter, to a future date (TBD). Having so many beers waiting, means so many beers coming soon! First in line to be bottled up is batch four of Ghostface Chilla. Then shortly after that we will bottle up batch two of Pompous Tele-Porter. These will be the first beers to hit the 500ml bottles (hype)!

Once those beers get bottled up we will have some equipment ready for our next brew day. This will be a new addition to our Sesh Series featuring El Dorado hops – Rado Sesh! Since this beer is crushable it will still go in the bombers when it is ready.

We bottled up a collab that has been about two years in the making. We teamed up with Baby Ducks Brewing, and a handful of local area homebrewers, to make a sour blonde ale. We have been aging this beer in a red wine barrel for over a year! Due to some events during bottling, this beer is called Operation Barrel Drop! Artwork in the works, and more details on that one soon.

We also have two sours that are getting their fruit on. Our Funky Artie and Hypno Tart will get a taste test here in a few weeks. We are excited to see how these finish up as they are so good already.

The other beers in the works are going to be waiting for awhile though (these stouts are going to take some time). So try not to think about batch four of Applez N Sht and batch two of its variant Applez N Sht (with chiles). As well as our huge ABV stout called Midnight Lauter.

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