Making Moves, Merch Polls, and Beer!

Lots of stuff going on here at Bru-Tang Brewing! Planning, meetings, brewing, and so much more. Our location search is still going strong, but we are starting to look away from downtown Findlay. We want to have lots of space for activities, parking, and all sorts of fun! A downtown location would be missing a lot of our vision as a brewery. Once we lock down the location we will be rolling out our sponsorship system (the exact details of the sponsorship system are being worked on). Be ready for some exclusive merchandise (that will never be sold in the store or tap room) as well as various perks (discounts, early releases, experiences, recognition, and more)! So many ideas are being pumped into this system, and we cannot wait to show everyone what we have to offer.

We have ran out of a few sizes of our of Brunicorn t-shirts. We have to order the shirts in batches, so we are wondering what sizes you guys would need most. Please vote in our poll and select all sizes you would potentially need. This information will help us know which sizes to have the most stock on hand (meaning you get the shirts you want now instead of waiting for us to do the next run of shirts and future shirts).

[poll id=”2″]

We want to know what kind of items you guys would like to see in the shop. Do you guys like posters, coasters, pins, beach towels, and such? Vote for all the items you want to see in the future, or add a comment with something you’d like that is not on the list.

[poll id=”3″]

Beer news! This weekend is a double brew day. The main beer is batch four of Ghostface Chilla! We also will be brewing up an experimental horchata inspired blonde ale – Backyard Chata. We’ve been split on which of the experimental brews will get artwork, labels, bottled up, and all that. The Backyard Chata is a gamble (so we may have to chug this batch down ourselves). So far the Hypno Tart is coming along great, and we think this one will get the full treatment. We’ve got lots of stuff coming up soon, so keep your eyes on the events page!

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