New Sticker, New Beers, and New Ghostface!

We know how much you guys love our stickers, so we now have Funky Artie stickers available in the shop! This die-cut sticker comes in at 1.87″ x 3.00″. Don’t settle for just one, as we also have tons of other stickers too (and t-shirts and koozies)! Enter coupon code “FREESHIP” for free shipping on orders of $50 or more!

We have started to add in experimental beers as we double up some of our brew days (which also means some new styles getting added to Our Beers). These may or may not see the light of day, but we will drink them anyway! You’ll see these start to trickle into the beer pages and our event calendar so we can keep track of the brew days. When we brewed our Pompous Tele-Porter we also brewed up Hypno Tart – which will be a blackberry and vanilla sour. Our next experimental beer is going to be Backyard Chata which will be a horchata inspired blonde ale.

We have to delay the brew day for KEK (our first Kölsch). We are having issues getting the yeast, so it is getting pushed out until we can acquire what we need. Instead we will be brewing our first barleywine on this day called Midday Lauter!

Our next brew day is batch four of Ghostface Chilla. This batch will be fairly different from the last batch, as we tweak the recipe even more. This beer is finally coming to the new label format. We switched up the Ghostface Chilla art to a full body pose, and also got the description text locked down: “We all go a little mad sometimes. A wicked combo of hops and a touch of caramel malt to sweeten the deal. Surprise Sidney! Ghostface Chilla’”

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