Brewing, Bottles, and All That’s Good!

We’ve got lots going on here at the Bru-Tang Brewing! We’ve been working hard to figure out what the best path will be to get our beer into your hands! We will keep you guys up to date on how the process is going. While we go though all the legal stuff we are continuing to tweak and add recipes to our belt.

The next brew day is a new hop for our Sesh Series. We will now have El Dorado hops highlighted in Rado Sesh! This beer will likely be dropping in the last bit of the bombers we have on hand. We cannot wait to get completely on the 500ml bottles, as the Ghostface Chilla looks so great!

The experimental Backyard Chata is coming along better than expected, so it will be getting artwork and bottled! We may tweak the name to match our artwork vision we came up with, but we haven’t locked down exactly what we want here yet. More details on this experimental brew coming soon.

We set a date to bottle conditioning our newest sours! Funky Artie and our Hypno Tart are about finished up. We do not want to have any exploding bottles, so we need to make sure everything is perfect with these beers. We are planning on early November to bottle these up, and then will be ready a few weeks (to get their carb on). We are very excited to get feedback on these beers!

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