Date Updates and Much Beer News!

With the various holidays coming up there are parties and dinners being planned. This has caused us to switch up some brew days and bottle days for various beers. You’ll notice some changed dates in the events calendar and on beer pages. Lots of great beers coming soon!

We bottled up Funky Artie over the weekend. This was our first bottle conditioned beer (normally we do forced CO2). It will still be over a week until these are ready to be enjoyed though. To make sure we avoid any issues of exploding bottles or under carbed beer we are holding off on bottling Hypno Tart for a bit. We want to see how Funky Artie carbs up before we bottle condition Hypno Tart (which will now get bottled up later this month).

Pompous Tele-Porter (batch #2) did not meet our quality standards, so the bottling was canceled. We adjusted some items and brewed up a fresh batch. The new batch will be bottled up in the middle of December. Sorry for the delays on this beer!

We love our double brew days! Coming up this weekend we will be brewing a new addition to the Shaolin Series. We are featuring Simcoe hops in Shaolin Simcoe! The other beer getting brewed up is a brand new one just in times for the holidays. Our first winter warmer is called Jolly Sipper (once a year is enough to make your beer taste like a spice cabinet)! More details on that coming soon.

We added more small and XXL sizes of the Purple Brunicorn T-Shirts into the shop! We are trying to work out the logistics for pre-ordering shirt sizes (when there is low/no stock available for sizes). When we get new shirts made it takes about 7 to 10 days for the shirts to get into our hands. If we add a pre-order option for shirts it would be at least a few weeks until the order could be shipped to you (this is to allow time to accumulate multiple size orders, get the shirt order produced, and then shipped out). Until we figure how we want to do all that we only have the stock shown in the shop (so go and buy some stuff already)!

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