Beer News and Buy Our Merch!

On August 24th we had the opportunity to have our Zacca Sesh featured as one of the spots in the craft beer tasting fundraiser for FAHA (Findlay Amateur Hockey Association) held at Legends. We were very happy that the feedback was so positive for our beer and our story. We cannot wait to get the tap room opened up so we can start pouring for the masses!

Our next brew day is for batch two of Pompous Tele-Porter. This beer went over great the first time we brewed it up. We will be tweaking the recipe up a bit (since we don’t have those delicious barrel aged Hoof Hearted coffee beans). Once we decide what coffee beans we want to highlight we will let you guys know. If you guys have any suggestions toss them in the comments!

We brewed a peach sour back in February, and just recently did a taste test. It is coming along nicely, but we think it needs some more peaches. So we’re going to toss some more fruit on that guy and let it sit for at least another month or two. We haven’t nailed down an exact name yet (though we have a few ideas being tossed around). We have a sneak peak at the art work in the banner for this post. More updates on this brew soon!

Did you guys know we have all sorts of merchandise in the the shop? We’ve got Brunicorn t-shirts, various characters in sticker form, and even koozies! Profits from the sales go directly back into making great beer! This is currently the best way to help support us on the journey to opening to the public.

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