Fashion Shoots to Bottles, and Brewing Zacca Sesh with Homestead!

Lots of awesome things are happening! That “TBA IPA” we brewed has turned into Fashion Shoots, a New England India Pale Ale! What what makes things even better, is that it is getting bottled December 10th. We are still finishing up the artwork, but you’ll find a teaser in the header of this post. Hope to be getting those in people’s hands very soon!

Probably the most awesome of awesome is that we’ve set a brew day to do Zacca Sesh at a 15 barrel scale with Homestead Brew Co and Pies & Pints. We will be headed over to Homestead’s brewery on December 15th bright and early. Once the beer is ready, it will be shipped to all seven Pies & Pints locations in Ohio. We may try to snag a few half barrel kegs to put it on tap in Findlay and Port Clinton (but still working out those details). We will keep you guys updated.

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