Beers to Bottles, Applez Brew Days, and Updates!

Our Zacca Sesh is now all bottled up. The Sesh Series recipe has been tweaked some more, and this batch has come out at 4.9% ABV. This is the perfect beer for the pool side, law mowing, or general hot day drinking!

Batch #4 of Applez N Sht was brewed yesterday. We are really excited to see how this beer turns out with the changes to the recipe. Even though we still have bombers left, we are going to put this beer into the new 500ml bottles! Batch #2 of Applez N Sht (with chiles) is getting its own batch this time. That variant will be brewed near the end of the month.

Batch two of Lieutenant Dan is nearing completion. We haven’t set an exact bottle date yet, but just know it is coming quickly. Keep your eyes posted on the social media for when it will be ready. We’ve got some more batches lined up in the future to continue to dial in this recipe, but it has had great feedback so far.

Now for some of that good good news… We have been doing a lot of planning for opening to the public. Lots of items are being researched, various meetings are happening, and we have been scouting out some potential locations! The biggest issue we are trying to tackle is finding a location that has enough space to handle all our needs (with some future expansion), while not being too big or small for our initial startup. The whole process for opening is a long one though. Even though we are excited to have the taps a flowing as quickly as possible we are not going to rush anything. We want to make sure our brewery comes out just like we envision. We hope to tease with some layout concepts soon!

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