Beers, New Bottle Size, and Shop Talk…

Two beers have made their way into bottles. Make your way over to our Facebook page and send a message if you’re wanting to try these. One of them is batch two of Shaolin Mosaic. The other is Pyramid Scheme which is our first sour. These will not stick around long (lots of them already claimed) so get on it quickly!

Sunday is our next brew day. This will be batch three of Zacca Sesh. This award winning beer is planned to be bottled in early August.

We are running towards the end of our bomber bottle supply, so we are making the switch to 500ml bottles! We just ordered a pallet of Euro style 500ml bottles. This means we will have more bottles for you guys when we do a batch of beer. Plus the smaller bottles is great for those taking our beers to the head solo dolo style.

Have we mentioned we have merchandise for sale in our store?! If you like stickers and koozies get in there now and buy stuff!

UPDATE: Had to push out brew day until next Sunday due to a ninja like escape of a miniature donkey. Yoshi is a bit scraped up, but he should be okay!

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