Bottles, Kegs, Oh My!

Tonight we are going to be bottling some of batch #2 of Ghostface Chilla. We also will be taking the Shaolin Galaxy to keg! Beer on beer on beeeer!

Shaolin Galaxy DIPA Coming Soon!

We are going to be brewing up a 10 gallon batch of our Shaolin Galaxy Double India Pale Ale this Sunday. Super excited for this one, and we just finished the art work! More information coming soon, check for updates on the Shaolin Galaxy beer page!

New Caps, More Labels, More Beer!

We made up some new caps with the smexy new Brunicorn! Had some more Ghostface Chilla labels made up as well, but we might do keg only for this second batch. We are considering doing some 12 ounce bottles by request though. We bought a new 20 gallon brew kettle (it’s a beauty). We are … Read more

Ghostface on Ghostface! New Brunicorn!

First batch of Ghostface Chilla is all bottled up! It had some great feedback so far, so we decided to run another batch of it! Going to be brewing some more this Saturday. Drink up! You will also notice we have a new version of our Brunicorn! He has a proper beer belly, and all … Read more

Ghostface Update and Brewing a Stout!

The bottles are coming together for Ghostface Chilla! We only put together a few for some events we wanted it available at for now. The rest of the bottles happen on the Bottle Event on September 24th. We started brewing up a stout next! We are unsure what the name will be, so toss any … Read more

Ghostface Chilla Updates

After some changes, we are looking at an estimated 7.6% ABV now for Ghostface Chilla: Batch #1. We have finished the bottle art as well as ordering the labels. Our first official brew is getting the full package!

Ghostface Chilla IPA: Batch #1

We started brewing our first official Bru-Tang Brewing batch of beer: Ghostface Chilla IPA. It’s an India Pale Ale with an estimated ABV of 7.2%. It is in the fermenter right now, and we will be bottling it on September 24th!