White Elephant and Pompous Tele-Porter Batch #2

The Zacca Sesh gets bottled this week, so we are thinking about submitting it to the White Elephant Homebrew Competition hosted by Pies & Pints and Homestead Brew Co. If we win, our beer gets brewed at scale to be distributed all 7 Pies & Pints locations in Ohio!

We also set a date for batch number 2 of Pompous Tele-Porter to be brewed. This beer had great reviews the first time around, and we are looking forward to brewing it again. We might be using a different coffee bean this time around (unless we get our hands on more of those Hoof Hearted bourbon barrel aged coffee beans).

Updates, Bottling, Things and Stuff!

We’ve changed the bottling date for Zacca Sesh and Method Milk Stout – those will both be bottle on September 27th.

Batch three of Ghostface Chilla is scheduled to be bottled in early October. We’ve tweaked this recipe yet again, but it is coming at the same ABV of 7.6% for your drinking pleasures.

The Brunicorn stickers were a big hit, and we already ran out. Since the demand was so high, we’ve purchased some more! Go snag these in the shop or meet up with one of the Brew Crew.

Beers on Beers on Beers!

We’ve got a lot on deck for you guys! The Zacca Sesh will be brewed Saturday.

Our newest stout, Method Milk Stout, is getting close to being bottle ready. Putting some final touches on the label and secondary additions (coffee, hazelnuts, and vanilla)!

We also are going to pop out batch three of Ghostface Chilla on labor day weekend. So many beers in the works, and more will be coming!

Oh, and we now have our Brunicorn on STICKERS! These die-cut Brunicorn stickers are 2.91″ x 2.4″ and need to be put on everything! Snag some now in the shop.

Brew Day and Kegging Stuff!

This Saturday we are brewing our first “Milkshake IPA” – Weezin Teh Juice! More details on that as the process comes along. Artwork is still in early concept stages at this point.

During the down time of brewing we will be kegging three beers! That’s right, THREE Bru-Tang brews will be available soon. One of them is our first attempt at a Hoppy Wheat with Swheat Punch. The other two are stouts – batch #2 of Applez N Sht and a spicy variant Applez N Sht (with chiles).