Brews Brewed, Bottling, and Brewing!

Get pumped people – we’ve got beers on beers!

We finished up the artwork for Lieutenant Dan and Scissor Kick Sammy (check the banner or their beer pages). This is just in time too, because on Sunday we bottle up these two beers.

There are some other beers in the pipeline as well. We just brewed up a new batch of The Hop Healer (with that artwork everyone loves so much). It will be be a bit before that one is ready to bottle up, but keep on the lookout. We also have Swheat Punch and that Applez N Sht coming along. So many beers, and not enough time to drink them all!

Juicy Brews Columbus, Bottles, and Beers!

Our Zacca Sesh (that we brewed with Homestead Brew Co and Pies & Pints) will be featured at Homestead’s spot in Juicy Brews Columbus – Hazy IPA Fest! There are going to be a lot of great beers at this festival, and we are pumped ours is going to be included!

In other brew news, we have bottled up our first brown ale – Ro Sham Bo. We still are not able to sell our beers yet, but if you get in contact with one of the crew we should be able to pass a bomber along.

This Sunday we are brewing a new batch of our hoppy wheat ale called Swheat Punch.

We have some other beers that are brewed, but are still coming along in fermentation. We have our first sour, but no name yet (note that will be close to a year before it is ready). We have our first cream ale called Lieutenant Dan coming along. We also have an Irish stout called Scissor Kick Sammy. So be on the look out for new posts once we have those artworks finished up, and more details on bottle dates!

Ro Sham Bo Art and GrogTag’s Staff Pick for Best Label!

We finished up the artwork for Ro Sham Bo! You can catch a glimpse on the left side of the banner for this post (or jump to its beer page). The beer is still doing its thing – but we will update more once it is ready for consumption. It’s our first attempt at a brown ale, but should be really tasty! (Mmmh maple syrup). We are currently planning on bottling in the middle of the month.

Our label for The Hop Healer snagged a spot in GrogTag’s Staff Picks for Best Beer Labels of 2017! We are really happy to receive even more recognition for this label (for those who don’t know – it also won honorable mention in the 2017 Homebrew Label Awards). I mean who doesn’t love the Brunicorn?!


New Beer and Updates on Local Taps

On Sunday we brewed our first brown ale called Ro Sham Bo. It’s going to be conditioned with Vermont maple syrup! We are looking forward to this brew being ready. The artwork is still in progress, but will be completed shortly. Stay on the look out for more information soon.

We now have the Zacca Sesh kegs in the hands of the Findlay and Port Clinton bars! The Port Clinton Yacht club is already flowing as of yesterday. Alexandria’s will be releasing it on Wednesday, and will be featured on their flight night. Wine Merchant will be tapping as soon as their Boom Sauce blows. Slaters will be tapping sometime here soon when a tap frees up. We will update this post and the beer page once we know the exact dates for Wine Merchant and Slaters.

01/14/2018 – Port Clinton Yacht Club – 127 Brooklyn Ave, Port Clinton, OH 43452
01/17/2018 – Alexandria’s – 132 E Crawford St, Findlay, OH 45840
02/02/2018 – Findlay Wine Merchant – 540 S Main St, Findlay, OH 45840
02/15/2018 – Slater’s Madison Street Pub – 111 Madison St, Port Clinton, OH 43452

Zacca Sesh Tapped on Friday!

The time is here! Our Zacca Sesh is getting tapped at all seven Ohio Pies & Pints locations, and Homestead Brew Co‘s taproom on Friday January 12th. For those that do not know – this beer won the White Elephant competition, and was brewed in collaboration at Homestead last month. We will update once we know the Findlay and Port Clinton tap dates.

On Tap: 01/12/2018

  • Homestead Brew Co‘s Taproom – 811 Irving Wick Dr W, Heath, OH 43056
  • Pies & Pints Worthington, OH – 7227 North High Street, Worthington, OH 43085
  • Pies & Pints Easton Town Center – 4205 Weaverton Lane, Columbus, OH 43219
  • Pies & Pints Short North – 1026 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43201
  • Pies & Pints Dayton, OH – 52 Plum Street, Beavercreek, OH 45440
  • Pies & Pints Kenwood Collection – 5901 East Galbraith Road Cincinnati, OH 45236
  • Pies & Pints The Banks – 56 West Freedom Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202
  • Pies & Pints Liberty Center – 7621 Gibson Street, Liberty Township, OH 45069

Zacca Sesh in Kegs and Released Next Week!

Our Zacca Sesh (that won the White Elephant competition, and that we brewed with Homestead Brew Co and Pies & Pints) just went into the kegs on Wednesday! It will be flowing at all seven Pies & Pints locations in Ohio, at Homestead Beer Co’s taproom, and we also were able to secure some locations in Findlay and Port Clinton. We will post more updates once we know exact dates of when they will be tapped.

Happy Brew Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at Bru-Tang Brewing. We are stepping up our brewing game for 2018, and getting on an every two week brew schedule. You can see what is coming next through our “Events” link on the menu. We have a solid mix of new recipes and new batches of old ones. We will add brew pages for the new recipes as we complete artwork and such.

We had our brew day for Zacca Sesh on December 15th with Homestead Brew Co and Pies & Pints. It was a blast for us, and a great learning experience. We were able to see what it takes to transform a homebrew level recipe into a production scale. More updates on when the beer will be available coming soon, so make sure to check back. If you’d like to see a few pictures from our brew day then click the read more below.


Fashion Shoots to Bottles, and Brewing Zacca Sesh with Homestead!

Lots of awesome things are happening! That “TBA IPA” we brewed has turned into Fashion Shoots, a New England India Pale Ale! What what makes things even better, is that it is getting bottled December 10th. We are still finishing up the artwork, but you’ll find a teaser in the header of this post. Hope to be getting those in people’s hands very soon!

Probably the most awesome of awesome is that we’ve set a brew day to do Zacca Sesh at a 15 barrel scale with Homestead Brew Co and Pies & Pints. We will be headed over to Homestead’s brewery on December 15th bright and early. Once the beer is ready, it will be shipped to all seven Pies & Pints locations in Ohio. We may try to snag a few half barrel kegs to put it on tap in Findlay and Port Clinton (but still working out those details). We will keep you guys updated.

We WON The White Elephant Homebrew Competition

Our Zacca Sesh WON the White Elephant Homebrew Competition hosted by Pies & Pints and Homestead Brew Co. We are planning a time to meet with them to discuss taking our recipe up in scale, as well as planning potential brew days. We are so excited! This means that our beer gets brewed to be on tap at all 7 Pies & Pints locations in Ohio! We will post more updates as we get more details. Such great things are happening lately!

Honorable Mention in 2017 Homebrew Label Awards!

Our label for “The Hop Healer” won an Honorable Mention in the 2017 Homebrew Label Awards! Thanks so much if you helped us win by voting during the competition. We received a bunch of useful prizes! They are so useful that we are going to change up what we brew next. So the Pompous Tele-Porter batch #2 will be bumped back in the brew days. We will be making a new IPA recipe that will utilize the awesome grain and hop package from BSG Craft Brewing on our November 5th Brew Day now. Details for name and such on the new beer will be coming soon. For now check out the prizes we won!