Such Brews, Much Noms!

We have some more brews bottled up and ready for the drinking. The second batch of Swheat Punch is ready for this nice Spring weather (well once the snow goes away). Our third batch of Applez N Sht came out great (and will disappear quickly). We also are going to bottle the second batch of The Hop Healer this weekend (and she sure is juicy)!

We brewed our first “Tropical Stout” that is going by the name of Night Riddles. Artwork and beer page are still in process, but will be sure to please! Keep on the lookout for more details of that beer in our next post.

We will be brewing our second batch of Tennial Sesh this weekend. Going to switch up the artwork for with some fresh bitmojis too! That is planned to be bottled in early May.

Listermann Brewing Company posted a Hip Hop Battle Home Brew Competition, so we are working up a juicy NE IPA recipe to enter. The winner of this competition will win a gift card to the shop along with the opportunity to brew their recipe for an upcoming can release. We are hoping we can take yet another home brew competition by storm! We are going to brew that on April 15th, so we can make the deadline to enter.

Brews Brewed, Bottling, and Brewing!

Get pumped people – we’ve got beers on beers!

We finished up the artwork for Lieutenant Dan and Scissor Kick Sammy (check the banner or their beer pages). This is just in time too, because on Sunday we bottle up these two beers.

There are some other beers in the pipeline as well. We just brewed up a new batch of The Hop Healer (with that artwork everyone loves so much). It will be be a bit before that one is ready to bottle up, but keep on the lookout. We also have Swheat Punch and that Applez N Sht coming along. So many beers, and not enough time to drink them all!

Fashion Shoots to Bottles, and Brewing Zacca Sesh with Homestead!

Lots of awesome things are happening! That “TBA IPA” we brewed has turned into Fashion Shoots, a New England India Pale Ale! What what makes things even better, is that it is getting bottled December 10th. We are still finishing up the artwork, but you’ll find a teaser in the header of this post. Hope to be getting those in people’s hands very soon!

Probably the most awesome of awesome is that we’ve set a brew day to do Zacca Sesh at a 15 barrel scale with Homestead Brew Co and Pies & Pints. We will be headed over to Homestead’s brewery on December 15th bright and early. Once the beer is ready, it will be shipped to all seven Pies & Pints locations in Ohio. We may try to snag a few half barrel kegs to put it on tap in Findlay and Port Clinton (but still working out those details). We will keep you guys updated.

Beers on Beers on Beers!

We’ve got a lot on deck for you guys! The Zacca Sesh will be brewed Saturday.

Our newest stout, Method Milk Stout, is getting close to being bottle ready. Putting some final touches on the label and secondary additions (coffee, hazelnuts, and vanilla)!

We also are going to pop out batch three of Ghostface Chilla on labor day weekend. So many beers in the works, and more will be coming!

Oh, and we now have our Brunicorn on STICKERS! These die-cut Brunicorn stickers are 2.91″ x 2.4″ and need to be put on everything! Snag some now in the shop.

Brew Day and Kegging Stuff!

This Saturday we are brewing our first “Milkshake IPA” – Weezin Teh Juice! More details on that as the process comes along. Artwork is still in early concept stages at this point.

During the down time of brewing we will be kegging three beers! That’s right, THREE Bru-Tang brews will be available soon. One of them is our first attempt at a Hoppy Wheat with Swheat Punch. The other two are stouts – batch #2 of Applez N Sht and a spicy variant Applez N Sht (with chiles).