Beers, New Bottle Size, and Shop Talk…

Two beers have made their way into bottles. Make your way over to our Facebook page and send a message if you’re wanting to try these. One of them is batch two of Shaolin Mosaic. The other is Pyramid Scheme which is our first sour. These will not stick around long (lots of them already claimed) so get on it quickly!

Sunday is our next brew day. This will be batch three of Zacca Sesh. This award winning beer is planned to be bottled in early August.

We are running towards the end of our bomber bottle supply, so we are making the switch to 500ml bottles! We just ordered a pallet of Euro style 500ml bottles. This means we will have more bottles for you guys when we do a batch of beer. Plus the smaller bottles is great for those taking our beers to the head solo dolo style.

Have we mentioned we have merchandise for sale in our store?! If you like stickers and koozies get in there now and buy stuff!

UPDATE: Had to push out brew day until next Sunday due to a ninja like escape of a miniature donkey. Yoshi is a bit scraped up, but he should be okay!

Two Beers to Bottles, Store Prices Rework, and Words!

We are bottling up two different beers this weekend. We have batch two of Shaolin Mosaic going into bottles. Our Shaolin Series has always been solid, but we are excited to see how this batch has changed with all our adjustments to our brewing process. We also are bottling Pyramid Scheme, which is our first sour! This Key Lime gose was super tasty when we tried it on the Midnight Lauter brew day.

The products in our store have gone through a little price rework. Instead of the stickers all being $3, some are now $2.75, $2.50, or $2.25 (depending on sizes). The koozies are now only $4 instead of $5. These price reworks to account for shipping costs – we decided to ditch the free shipping for a $2 flat rate shipping. So now if you are ordering multiple items it’s cheaper for you! Go buy some stuff already!

The next brew day is batch three of Zacca Sesh. This beer won the White Elephant Homebrew Competition hosted by Pies & Pints and Homestead Brew Co back in December. We are going to be brewing this one on our own. Our Sesh Series always goes over well, and will be sure to disappear quickly.

Lots of other things are in the works, so keep on top of our social media posts! For now, go and drink some beer!

Stiiiiiiickers and Stuff

The stickers are here! Sadly the Ghostface Chilla came out really dark, and hide the details on the robes. Because of this we have pulled them from the store. The other five stickers are available NOW! Since we are not selling them, we will include a Ghostface Chilla sticker with any orders (for a limited time as we have stock)!

The Shaolin Mosaic brew day was a hot one, but went well! Stay on top of our social media for bottle dates. Snag some monk stickers if you can’t wait!

Our next brew day is a big one! Midnight Lauter will be a Russian Imperial Stout with vanilla, coffee, and walnuts – and we are aiming for 12% ABV! We are trying out some new brewing techniques with this high-gravity beer. Since this is a special beer we are doing some things outside our normal look. The artwork will be a very different style, it will be in 500ml bottles, and wax dipped!… Now before we hype you up too much, please note this one will get very limited release. On top of being limited, this beer will take a long time until it’s ready – but we will be sure to tease you over the months with updates!

You Have to Call Me Dragon…

All of our 2019 brew days have been added to our events calendar and beer pages. Click around the events for next year if you are curious what’s on the brew schedule. We have 27 brew days lined up to dial in our recipes!

Pull up the anchor cause we’re leaving dry land, get below deck with a beer in your hand! We are all bottled up for Call Me Dragon. This beer is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus! The point is, don’t lose your dinosaur and get some of this beer already. (NOTE: These will not be available until the evening on Thursday June 14th).

We tried a little taster of Pyramid Scheme before we add the key limes, and it is coming along great. We are excited to see how it turns out for our first attempt at a sour beer. Technically it is our second sour, but will still be done before our first finishes up. We have a yet to be named peach sour coming along as well.

The next brew day coming like a kick to the face. We are brewing a new batch of Shaolin Mosaic on Father’s Day. We already got the label fixed up into our new layout, and you can check it out on the beer page. Keep an eye on our social media, as we may be playing with some live feed things!

New sticker hype! Our shop now has six new stickers – Ro Sham Bo (2.36″ x 3.00″), Night Riddles (1.63″ x 3.00″), Ghostface Chilla (1.67″ x 3.00″), Pyramid Scheme (1.66″ x 3.00″), Applez N Sht (3.00″ x 2.66″), and Shaolin Monk (3.00″ x 2.29″). These are all die cut stickers made of a durable vinyl with a laminate (to protect your stickers from scratching, rain, and sunlight). These hold up well on water bottles, a beer fridge, on that random bar sticker wall, or anywhere else you can think to stick em. These aren’t available yet (sorry to tease, but they still in production). We just couldn’t wait to post about them. They should be available around 06/20/2018!


Bottles, Brewing, and Doggos!

Beer group! Our Wheezin Teh Juice went into bottles over the weekend. They are getting great feedback already, so try and snag one before they’re gone bud-dy!

Call Me Dragon is ready to get bottled. This is our first pale ale. It is also the first beer to get the new label layout. Let us know what you think of the changes!

Pyramid Scheme had a smooth brew day. Our next brew day is the second batch of Shaolin Mosaic.

Do you have a dog you love to treat? Instead of sending off our spent grain to the compost pile, we are now saving it! This is so we can experiment with recipes for spent grain doggo treats! More information in the next post (after we’ve tested some batches and such). Bork bork!

The shop has been reworked to make it easier to add items to your cart. The product page also got adjusted for mobile viewing… so buy some stuff already!

Brew Schedule, Going Legit, Beer Updates, and GDPR…

We are drafting up the 2019 brew schedule! Current plans are not to add any new beers next year, but instead lock down the ones we have (we will be at 25 different beers)! You’ll start to see the brew dates trickle into the events calendar and beer pages as we plan them out. With this you’ll also notice we’ve added some more styles to our beers.

We are jumping through all the hoops to finally becoming a legit brewery! We are getting everything in line so we can be ready to go once we have all the necessary funding. Currently this is estimated as late 2019 slash early 2020. There are lots of things we have to complete, plus lots of waiting time, so the true timeline is fuzzy for now. If you want things to move faster, then you can help support us by buying merchandise in our shop! It also helps us if you are active with likes, comments, and follows on all of our social media accounts. If you are really wanting things to move ultra fast, then stay tuned for when we post about investment opportunities in the coming months.

Beer updates! Night Riddles was all bottled up over the weekend. Get in contact with us if you are wanting to try this before it’s all gone. It’s our attempt at a tropical stout, so we’d love your feedback on how to make this even better in the future. Our tasty DIPA Wheezin Teh Juice is getting bottled up soon. This one is sure to disappear quickly! Call Me Dragon and Pyramid Scheme have their artwork done-ish, and now we are working on the labels! Part of the moving forward with going legit means our labels will start to evolve. We will be using our main font as the only font (to avoid all sorts of extra licensing costs). Eventually we will be adding in the various things required by the Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act and such.

Website clean up is in the works. We are going to change up the styles some of our beers. So some that were simply an IPA may now be labeled NEIPA. Not huge changes here! We’ve updated all future events in the calendar to include links to the beer pages to make it easier to see what is getting done and when.

Because of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) stuff we’ve made the privacy policy more public facing. You will now see a link right on the menu! This is pretty much basic information, or links to privacy policies of other plugins we use to manage the website. I’m sure you are all sick of the millions of emails talking about the GDPR changes by now.

You Don’t Want to Miss These Beers!

We are bottling up a few beers here at the end of May slash start of June. First to go to bottling is Night Riddles. This beer is our first attempt at a tropical stout. We gave it the final taste test over the weekend, and it is nice and refreshing. This is a stout that you’ll have no trouble crushing on a hot day! Next in line for bottling is our second batch of Wheezin Teh Juice. This DIPA will have you channeling your inner Encino Man (so don’t let anyone tell you no wheezing the juice)!

Yesterday we brewed Call Me Dragon, which is our first pale ale. This one is loaded up with Citra and Amarillo hops, plus we are going to dry hop with even more! The artwork is coming along, and should be revealed in our next post.

Next brew day is going to be Pyramid Scheme. This is our first gose style beer! We will be adding key lime zest to this one. This beer’s art is also in the works, and should make the it into the next post as well.

Our Brunicorn bottle caps are going to be retired for awhile (much sadness)! Our current supplier is just too expensive to keep these going until we can make some money on our beers. For the short term we will be switching over to solid purple bottle caps (thanks for all the feedback on our Facebook poll). The Brunicorn caps are not going to be gone forever though, so don’t be too sad!

Now for some competition updates! Sadly we did not win the Listermann New England IPA/DIPA competition with our Sax on the Peach. We are still submitting it into the Ohio State Fair Homebrew Competition, along with our Tennial Sesh though. Coming up in July is another competition we are going to enter by The Hancock County Home Brewers Association. We are not 100% sure what we will be using for our submission yet. Stay tuned for more information!

New Stickers and Beers Bottled!

We’ve been working hard all around! We’ve added not one, not two.. but FIVE new stickers to the shop. You can now stick Applez N Sht, Lt. Dan, The Hop Healer, Swheat Punch, and Scissor Kick Sammy all over! Go and buy some already! Please note that the shop is being reformatted to make it easier to purchase items. Right now you have to click the name of the item to go to the product page (or just use the links in this post above).

Two more beers are all bottled up! The second batch of Tennial Sesh is FAF, and ready to be crushed on the pool side, mowing the lawn, or wherever your heart desires. We also have finished up the artwork and put caps on Sax on the Peach. This saxy peach beer will have you hitting all sorts of high notes. We’re hoping that these beers will win us some competitions!

We switched the date on batch two of Wheezin Teh Juice so we didn’t overlap with Mother’s Day. This beer will be hopped up on Galaxy and El Dorado, and then loaded with toasted coconut, pineapple, and vanilla.

Artworks, Beer Updates, Words are Hard!

Quick little update to keep you all on your toes! The artwork for Night Riddles is completed! We are still finishing up the description text, label, and such. For now you can get a little teaser in the banner. This beer is our first attempt at a tropical stout. It is scheduled to be bottled in June.

Our second batch of Tennial Sesh is going to be bottled in early May. We have revamped the artwork. Go check it out in the banner or on the beer page.

The beer we brewed to submit to some competitions now has a name – Sax on the Peach. This beer is a New England style DIPA. We will be submitting this to the Listermann Brewing Company‘s Hip Hop Battle Home Brew Competition, as well as the Ohio State Fair Homebrew Competition. We will be bottling up what’s left of the batch for all your peachy needs!

The next brew day is going to be our second batch of Wheezin Teh Juice. More updates on that in the next post.. Don’t stop wheezin teh ju-uice!

Juicy Brews Columbus, Bottles, and Beers!

Our Zacca Sesh (that we brewed with Homestead Brew Co and Pies & Pints) will be featured at Homestead’s spot in Juicy Brews Columbus – Hazy IPA Fest! There are going to be a lot of great beers at this festival, and we are pumped ours is going to be included!

In other brew news, we have bottled up our first brown ale – Ro Sham Bo. We still are not able to sell our beers yet, but if you get in contact with one of the crew we should be able to pass a bomber along.

This Sunday we are brewing a new batch of our hoppy wheat ale called Swheat Punch.

We have some other beers that are brewed, but are still coming along in fermentation. We have our first sour, but no name yet (note that will be close to a year before it is ready). We have our first cream ale called Lieutenant Dan coming along. We also have an Irish stout called Scissor Kick Sammy. So be on the look out for new posts once we have those artworks finished up, and more details on bottle dates!